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After moving to New York from college in Boston, I was an assistant booking agent for TV Commercials, a Lifestyle and Beauty PR Account Manager and landed into TV Commercials  by volunteering on a Director’s test.

I did everything I could on set and eventually wound up doing Craft Services, the in-between meal catering that keeps everybody happy and pampered. I loved the freedom of not being in an office all day, talking to people, organizing things, being in different places all the time and feeling part of something “special”, plus I got paid to go shopping for food with other people’s money!

I love food and got so busy, that I built my company, Good Food. I’d worked on a Hanes Commercial with Tina Turner in LA and saw how they did craft service on
higher level than we had in New York and was inspired to do the same. I hired and trained people to go out on shoots and rented the equipment they used to the production companies and continued working on jobs too.

Around this time, I started practicing yoga and learning more about the philosophy behind it and wanted to do something holistic to heal people and have more control over my schedule. I found a job at a friend of a friend’s production company and kept my business going and went to massage school to become a licensed massage therapist.

After graduating massage school, I stayed at the production company and became the Office Manager, Building manager for the new building we moved into and Booking Agent for one person shows, all while still booking out my people on commercials. Eventually, I went to the Natural Gourmet Institute for their Chef’s Training program to build my culinary confidence and learn more about nutrition and using food as medicine for a healthy mind and body.

Today I’m still working on TV Commercials and exploring my other skills and interests. Two years ago, I became an Ordained Interfaith Minister and a Graduate of a Prayer Leadership Training Institute, it’s my honor and privilege to be able to unite two people in marriage and help others in Spiritual need.



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