Breaking some eggs…

I work on a freelance basis on TV commercials and January is generally one of the slower months so the past two weeks I’ve been cooking up a storm at home to beat boredom and save money. 
Yesterday I came up with a great breakfast that was so good, I had to post about it and this morning I think I topped it with an even better one!
Yesterday’s breakfast was sautéed collard greens with red onions and oyster mushrooms served under slightly fried eggs, sliced avocado and a drizzle of Sriraracha chili sauce. It was pretty yummalicious…
Today I opened the fridge and saw some Kombocha squash I’d cubed and roasted and some quinoa and decided to sauté up some red onions and combine them with some garlic powder to fry up into patties. Next time I may add an egg white to bind it all together since they kind of fell apart,  but this time I combined about a cup of squash, a cup of cooked quinoa, ¼ cup of sautéed red onions and a dash of garlic powder and mushed them into patties and fried them in Safflower Oil until they were nice and crispy.
While the patties were frying up, I put some water and white vinegar in a sauce pan to simmer and cracked two eggs into the water and poached them until they were the right balance of cooked white and runny yolk.
I layered the eggs onto the patties and sliced up half an avocado and spread it out on top and added a healthy swirl of Sriraracha sauce and took a photo before it disappeared. It definitely topped the Yum Chart at a number 1!

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