Fatty Crab

Last night I joined Gill, Rupert, Richard, and some new friends, Claudia and Bennett, at the original Fatty Crab in NY’s west village. OMG! (I really hate that acronym, but it’s suitable here.) It was totally worth the wait to squeeze into a table that we literally couldn’t get out of and be blasted by Eminem (I like to call him Marshall) so loud we couldn’t hear each other!

The menu is teeming with delightful taste combinations, we didn’t know where to begin. Luckily we were in the hands of the cheerful Eva who steered us through the murky waters and kept the dishes coming until we were a little afraid of more because they were so good and we were so full!

She explained it was all served family style and that the chef was in control of what came out when so there were no appetizer/entree delineations, it all came out whenever it did. How Zen of them…it was just perfect.

We had the Steamed Pork Buns (no competition for Momofuku here, they were tasty but lacking the pizzaz and layering that Momofuku has)… the Pickled Watermelon and Crispy Pork Salad (so delicious,mmmm, sour, tangy and rich)… Gill reluctantly shared her Kang Kong Belacan (chinese spinach, lightly sauteed) and her steamed Baby Bok Choy…the Eggplant and Sepia Charred Shrimp Curry, a noodle dish that we weren’t that crazy about…the fatty Duck served over rice (total winner, we all loved it except for the one of us who’s a Vegan – obviously- and the one who doesn’t eat any “Easter animals” i.e. duck, lamb, bunny.)…another HUGE hit was the braised Short Rib Randang that came in a pile of shredded meat, totally lacking in presentation but making up for it in WHOCARES? deliciousness…the house special Chili Crab, served in chunks floating in a mild red curry sauce with thick white toast points to suck up the flavor, very messy, with little payoff but still tasty.

It was at this point, (and understandably so!) that we held our hands up in submission and supplication, begging her to not bring anymore because we couldn’t possibly eat another bite…except for the complimentary spongey rice cake thing that was pretty darn worth it too.

Please don’t tell my Rabbi or my coach what I ate…

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