There’s no place like Mom

In the past two weeks I’ve sat and mourned with two friends who lost their mothers and it makes me cherish my own mother all the more.

This week was especially cold and on Tuesday as the snow storm began, I put on my sneakers and hot footed it down to Trader Joe’s to make my Mother’s and her mother’s Chicken Soup recipe, inspired by a little inner competition against the 2nd Avenue Deli Chicken Soup which I had on Monday night.


I picked up a family pack of Chicken parts, some parsnips, fresh dill and a sack of Organic Yellow Onions. I already had carrots and celery at home and forgot the crucial sweet potatoes that my Nana used to put in and the parsley that my Mother reminded me about when it was already too late. Oh well, Thank God she’s still here to remind me!

I began with a large pot of water and salted each piece of chicken liberally as I put it in the pot. I added chopped carrots, celery, parsnips and should have diced the sweet potato like Nana did and added it all to the pot.¬†Each step reminded me of all the years I watched as my Mother made this soup…I quartered the onions and left the skin on like my Mama taught me and turned the gas up to let it all come to a boil, skimming the fat off the top as it boiled. (Another lesson from Mom.)

After the soup came to a boil, I let it simmer for about an hour or so, until the chicken was well cooked and falling off the bone and added the dill and would have added the parsley if I had it.

It was and is a simple and delicious soup to eat and share with someone you love.

To all you Mothers and Mother Lovers out there, this bowl’s for you!

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